Thursday, 19 April 2018

One back at you

We keep getting bits of Britain disrupted by wartime bombs, so it’s nice to know the Germans have the same problem. Workers on a building site near the main station in Berlin have found one, so that’s more misery for commuters when they close everything down on Friday to defuse it.

Fie to Faux

Think you’re buying fake but you get the real thing – is that a bad deal? MPs are worried about people buying faux fur and getting products containing real fur when they use online retailers like Amazon.
    You’d think they’d have more important things to occupy their attention, but the Westminster Wonders are not noted for having real-world priorities.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Holey foot

Old Corbyn fires a rocket at the PM, accusing her of having Windrush landing cards shredded in 2010. She sinks him with the revelation that it happened in 2009 under Labour. But he just rattles on with the planned tirade.
    Earplugs, not paying attention, or just not interested in any views but his own?

Concern reserved

Should we be worried about a picture in the newspaper of a stag with a plastic bag caught in its antlers? Not really. The animal is in no danger and the bag is doing no harm where it is.

Home Office = mega-screw-up

I see Dr. Ong has been allowed to continue his GP training here, even though he’s from Singapore and doesn’t have any ’uman rights. I suppose it will be too much to hope for the bozos at the Home Office who wasted taxpayers’ money on trying to deport him will get the sack.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Things you realize whilst watching TV:

Being a dealer isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you work in a casino in Las Vegas. [or Atlantic City]

New hobby for idle hands

If Oxford University goes ahead with its plan for the statue of Cecil Rhodes, the original statue will end up locked away in the basement and replaced by a copy and a box of marker pens, which looney lefties can use to write racialist slogans on the substitute statue. Expectations for the standard of spelling are not high.